Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the most important tasks of the management. To guarantee highest efficiency you need the right IT infrastructure for your ERP system. After assisting your search for a solution that is suitable for your company, we will also help implementing it individually for your needs.


Only with the right strategy you get best possible outcome. Before taking any action, it is a must to have a proper plan. Therefore, we will develop an individual IT strategy for On Premise, Hybrid and Cloud systems.


We are looking for bottleneck areas in your ERP systems, the SQL- Databank for example. This way we recognize for you hidden pain points and support your development division to resolve these. There is rarely a patent remedy. Standard solutions for a single product not only do not work most of the time but also have a negative effect on the ERP-System. Therefore, we always work with your particular ERP System in mind and we consider the individual settings and processes.

Databank optimizing and performance improvement

We guarantee the optimization of your databank and the performance of your ERP system. This is how we tap out all potential of your company.

IT-Process optimizing

Our team of experts knows exactly what matters when it comes to the IT processes of your ERP system. We extend your processes till they perfectly fit your company´s structures.

Maintenance and training

Even a perfect ERP system must be well looked after if it is to run in an optimal way. We assist long-term maintenance and support of your ERP system and databank.

In order to have a trouble-free dealing with the system we also offer training for parts of your ERP sub systems.

We help you on your way to an optimal Enterprise Resource Planning system for your business.



Business Intelligence, meaning the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information, is always a major challenge for companies. For analysing many data records high-performance BI systems are needed. These systems must be integrated by IT experts.

Normally it is insufficient to go with the standard solutions of the producer. Every company has individual requirements to which the BI systems must be customized.

Specialized hereon, the netX consult team will analyse the business intelligence of your company and will optimize it with the right BI solution.

Check out your IT

First of all, we will look into the IT infrastructure of your company. How is your business currently positioned? Which BI systems are already present? Are they optimally utilised? Which possibilities for growth and improvement are there?


We evaluate your inventory. Referring to the current performance of your BI system, is it adequate to your company´s requirements? Are you able to modify the present infrastructure to optimize the BI system? Is it necessary to acquire a new BI system or are the problems solved with just a few changes to the existing system?


Together, by carefully examining  the requirements and needs of your company, we will find a BI system solution that will live up to you and your job.

There are various approaches to a solution. From a new purchase to an update of the current BI system to a migration of another solution or Cloud system.

Independent from vendor and provider we state a purchase recommendation we are convinced will be availing.


After assisting your decision-making process, we also help to implement the new or modified BI system in your company.

Furthermore, we offer staff trainings and workshops which are adjusted to the individual needs of your business and employees.

Trust the netX consult experts with optimizing your Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence (BI)


Cloud Systems


Using Cloud systems is getting more and more important. Not just for private but also for business matters, the change to cloud an everyday experience. Our netX consult team of experts is eager to assist you to find and apply a Cloud system that is a match for your company.


Together we will carefully analyse the needs of your enterprise. Based on that we will develop a suitable Cloud Ready strategy. This detailed strategy will help us to find the truly fitting Cloud solution for you later on. Hereby, unnecessary costs will be avoided that incurred because of an incorrect choice of products.

Demo environment

To illustrate the advantages of Cloud systems for your enterprise we will create a demo environment. By this, a perfect Seeing-is-believing experience is provided for you.


Based on the individual requirements of your company we arrange a first range of products. Adapted to the direction of the previously developed strategy we will find the proper Cloud system for your business.


We implement your new Cloud system in the company´s daily routine. Additionally, we offer workshops and trainings for effective usage of Cloud products to guarantee the proper utilisation.

Do not longer hesitate and consult one of our experts about the usage of Cloud systems in your enterprise.



Organisational blindness – everybody knows it. Because after some time everybody gets it. We fail to notice weaknesses and faults in our workflow because we got used to them. For that reason, every now and then it is useful to get your company´s routine analysed by an external. Why? Because they objectively evaluate operating procedures and systems.


Right in your company, an expert of netX consult investigates the IT systems of your business.

Finding the problem

The weaknesses of your IT systems and technical processes will be found and defined.

Solving the problem

netX consult provides an all-round support of all IT project management matters. We find optimal solutions for your companies´ needs and realize them together with you. We´d like to work with your IT service provider together as well.


After new IT systems are implemented, staff trainings are normally needed. We organize workshops that will convey the information needed to operate the new or modified systems to your employees.


Frequently, workshops or trainings are required for existing systems too. We are your contact person for those matters as well.

Our all-round support of IT project management and consulting is customized to the special requirements of our clients and are individually planned every time.

Your enterprise is special and unique. Just like our consulting for you.

Individual IT-Projects and consulting