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As IT consultants, we experience time and again how inefficiency in IT slows down and complicates business processes. That doesn’t have to be the case, we think. That’s why we think outside the box. Find out more about us here.

Sergej D.

Optimizes complex systems in a solution-oriented way

“In my many years as an IT service provider, I have noticed how valuable an unbiased view from the outside is. That’s why I’m now helping companies find IT solutions that make employees happy and let CEOs sleep peacefully.”

Sergej D. 

Founder and CEO of netX consult

Jonathan S. von netX consult

Secures IT systems for smooth work

“Too often, lack of clarity hinders IT security. That’s why I show how things really work and clear up misunderstandings. Together with the customer, I achieve real improvements, and do it in an approachable and fun way.”


Jonathan S. von netX consult

Consults with reliability and transparency

“Solving problems motivates me, but the goal behind it is always a satisfied customer. That’s why we only recommend what really simplifies and facilitates processes.”


Melina A. von netX consult

Supports strategy development and innovative thinking

“None of our solutions are off-the-shelf. I learn something new with every project because we think outside the box and advise individually and holistically.”


How we do it

How we do it
Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

With us as an IT consultancy at your side, we look for and find completely new potentials of your company and develop solutions to exploit them.

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Why we do it

Because it makes us happy to help people enjoy their job again

Time to tackle this!

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netX consult

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