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As IT consultants, we experience time and again how inefficiency in IT slows down and complicates business processes. That doesn’t have to be the case, we think. That’s why we think outside the box. Find out more about us here.

Sergej D.

Optimizes complex systems with a solution-oriented approach

“IT can be either complicated or quite simple depending on the approach. My goal is to analytically tackle problems and find solutions even for specialized areas. With my amazing team, I take on any challenge and convince customers that small businesses can operate dynamically.”

Sergej D. 

Owner of netX consult


Serves as the interface between experts and clients

“Communication is important to us! To ensure customer satisfaction, whether it’s with the result or the journey, as Project Manager I am here to support you. Internally, I ensure smooth operations for a pleasant and successful project.”



Sees solutions where others only find problems

“All too often, our own systems have become the enemy. Thanks to good education and extensive experience, I recognize potential for development and improvement. Through an innovative approach, we help get the best out of IT and ‘synchronize’ people and technology in projects.”



A creative mind and master of all things artistic

“Images go deeper than words. Information stays better in the mind when it’s represented visually. That’s exactly what I do: I design illustrations that explain and show what we’re talking about.”


Mitarbeiterbild Matthias

Project Leader with a Plan

“Projects in IT are anything but simple. One must approach tasks with a clear head – climbing a ladder one step at a time. This mindset helps me plan and manage in a way that leaves all parties satisfied. It’s important to me that clients see the difference a well-coordinated plan and implementation can make in IT.”

Martina Völkl

Brings System and Security to Contract Management

“Navigating through the contract jungle and data protection labyrinth, that’s why I’m here. Water-tight contracts provide a solid foundation for all parties. We maintain a high level of expertise through ongoing training, which is why we stay at the forefront of legal changes.”


Mitarbeiterbild Armin

Dynamic IT Expert with a Security Background

“In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to understand a company’s IT structure and users to protect them. Capturing IT processes and workflows comprehensively is crucial. With teamwork and ongoing training, I tackle those challenges.”


Mitarbeiterbild Melanie

Supports Colleagues

“Implementation of ideas is my specialty. This benefits both customers and colleagues. The concept of a digital work structure facilitates this task. Keeping the team’s documentation on track is one of my personal goals.”


Mitarbeiterbild Manuel M.

Marketing with Substance

“In a world swamped by information, our marketing stands out by delivering substantial value with minimal fluff. With this approach, we provide potential customers with valuable tips long before a collaboration begins. Our marketing mirrors the excellence of our consultancy, showcasing our commitment to quality in every aspect.”

Manuel M.

Mitarbeiterbild Manuel S.

From Consultation to Implementation – a Senior IT-Expert

“From the ‘daily work solution’ to complex tasks – after a thorough company analysis, we jointly find a new path. With confidence and diligence, we integrate the new software scenario. My role is to stay calm and persist until everything works seamlessly.”

Manuel S. 

Melina A. von netX consult

Supports Marketing and Trains Innovatively

“For modern technology to make an impact, it must be understood. That’s why we impart knowledge in a practical and accessible way, ensuring everyone benefits. With the many different projects and applications, you end up learning quite a bit yourself.”


How We Do It

How we do it
Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

With us as an IT consultancy at your side, we look for and find completely new potentials of your company and develop solutions to exploit them.

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Why we do it

Because it makes us happy to help people enjoy their job again

Time to tackle this!

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