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As IT consultants, we experience time and again how inefficiency in IT slows down and complicates business processes. That doesn’t have to be the case, we think. That’s why we think outside the box. Find out more about us here.

Sergej D.

Optimizes complex systems in a solution-oriented way

“In my many years as an IT service provider, I have noticed how valuable an unbiased view from the outside is. That’s why I’m now helping companies find IT solutions that make employees happy and let CEOs sleep peacefully.”

Sergej D. 

Founder and CEO of netX consult


Interface between experts and customers

“Communication is important to us! I´m right at your side to make you happy with the solutions we offer and the whole process behind it. It is my job to see to internal procedures for a pleasant cooperation and a successful project.”



Sees the solution where others only see problems

Way too often, the very own systems went from friends to foes. Thanks to good training and a lot of experience I´m able to see the potential and to get the most out of your IT. This is how we get humans and application on the same wavelength again.”



Creative head and master of everything artistic

“Pictures dive deeper than words. Information is best remembered when they create a picture in your head. That´s exactly what I´m doing: I create the illustrations that explain and show what we are talking about!”


Mitarbeiterbild Matthias

The man with a plan

“IT projects are anything but easy and never a quick thing to solve. One must keep cool and approach those tasks calmly. “Take it step by step” – that helps me to plan and navigate everything in order for us to work time-efficient and to make both sides happy with the outcome. It´s important to me, that the customer sees how well coordinated planning and implementation makes the difference.”

Melina A. von netX consult

Supports marketing and offers innovative training

“For modern technology to cause an effect, it first must be comprehended fully. That’s why we impart knowledge practice-oriented and in a way, everyone benefits from it. With all the different projects and fields of application I´m constantly learning more too.”


How We Do It

How we do it
Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

Together we can successfully help your company break new ground.

With us as an IT consultancy at your side, we look for and find completely new potentials of your company and develop solutions to exploit them.

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Why we do it

Because it makes us happy to help people enjoy their job again

Time to tackle this!

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